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A Platform for Training on the Internet

Custom and Standardized State-Specific Training

Sexual Misconduct

Comprehensive Training for Schools and Businesses on Maintaining a Safe and Respectful Environment

Code of Ethics

Professional Training for Schools and Businesses Upholding Integrity and Ethical Standards

Mandated Reporting

Essential Training for Schools and Businesses Ensuring Compliance and Child Safety

FERPA/Data Privacy

Comprehensive Training on FERPA and Data Security for Schools and Businesses

Copyright for Schools

In-Depth Training for Schools and Businesses on Intellectual Property and Compliance

Ethical Use of Social Media

Comprehensive Training for Schools and Businesses on Responsible and Professional Online Engagement

Human Sex Trafficking

Comprehensive Training for Schools and Businesses on Prevention, Detection, and Intervention

Suicide Awareness & Prevention

In-Depth Training for Schools and Businesses to Support Mental Health and Save Lives

How does it work?

  • User Dashboard

    Users securely access their personalized dashboard, providing them with centralized control.

  • Complete Required Modules

    Users complete mandatory modules, equipping them with essential knowledge and skills through structured and comprehensive training for professional development and compliance.

  • Administrators Review District Records

    Administrators systematically evaluate modules completed by staff, ensuring compliance, tracking progress.

Frequently Asked Questions


To log in to ComplianceDirector, you must first obtain the requisite credentials from the educational institution whose system you wish to access. Contact the relevant department within the school system to request the necessary login information. After receiving your credentials, you can proceed to the system's designated URL or follow the specific instructions provided by the institution for secure access to ComplianceDirector.

For any inquiries or requests, you may directly reach out via email to

The ComplianceDirector program does not issue certificates. Instead, the status of each module will be updated to “Completed” once the module completion has been successfully recorded. Users can then print a list of the modules they have completed. In addition, each record becomes part of the district records database and can be accessed by district-approved personnel.

If you log in and find that previously completed modules are not displayed on your dashboard, the most likely explanation is that you have logged in using a different email account than the one under which you initially completed the modules. This could occur if, for instance, you have multiple email accounts (e.g., a personal Gmail account) and mistakenly log in with an account that is not linked to your completed coursework. To resolve this issue, ensure you are logging in with the email address associated with the educational institution where you completed the modules.

ComplianceDirector undergoes an archival process during the first week of July each year. If you log in and complete any modules either shortly before or during this time frame, there is a possibility that these completions will not be reflected for the upcoming academic year. In such instances, the recommended course of action is to retake the modules to ensure they are accurately recorded for the current year.

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