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Navigating ComplianceDirector

In each training module, you will be asked to read a segment and then you will be asked to answer a question related to the information you have just read. You will not be able to proceed unless you have answered the question correctly. You may back up and re-read the segment before you answer the question again.

Once you begin each training process, you must finish it. The system will not allow you to stop, save your answers and start where you previously stopped. This training will take approximately 30 minutes.


Interested in this product?

If you are interested in this project, please contact Beth Rutherford (706-865-2141-ext 241 or or Lori McCoy (706-865-2141 ext. 226 or for passwords to access this website. There is also a short informational video that can be found at the Pioneer RESA website ( ).

ComplianceDirector is just another product of Pioneer RESA, leading the way with service and solutions for K-12 educational systems.


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